Code Enforcement


The Code Enforcement Division focuses on quality of life improvements dealing with blighted properties and unkempt properties and upholds the grass cutting ordinance for St. Bernard Parish. The office manages and supervises the maintenance of non-LLT lots, both adjudicated and privately owned.

When property cases require administrative action to resolve blight issues, the case goes to the Bureau of Administrative Adjudication where a hearing officer decides what action is needed to make the property compliant with the laws.

Public notices can be found in the St. Bernard Voice, the official journal for St. Bernard Parish Government.

Grass-Cutting Program

Through the Code Enforcement Division, the Parish responds to complaints from residents regarding overgrown grass and blighted lots. Vendors are hired to cut high grass once it exceeds limitations. Each time vendor cuts a lot, program staff will notify the owner (per certified letter) that an action has occurred and a fine has been assessed. Unpaid fines will result in liens being placed on the property.

Parish-Wide Blight Abatement Program

The program focuses on abatement of blighted and/or abandoned lots throughout the parish that contribute to area-wide blight. Those properties that are in violation of Parish ordinances (high grass, debris, or uninhabitable structures) will be eligible for the program. The program supports neighborhood revitalization and stabilization with similar goals to the LLT program. Recently, SBPG has seen an increase in property values and a demand for vacant lots to be developed with new residential construction. 

Adjudicated Property

The maintenance activities of this program would return the abandoned propertied back to commerce. Specifically, this would be achieved by focusing on properties that have been tax adjudicated. These tax adjudicated properties would be eligible for voluntary adjudication through an act of donation to the Parish. Individuals not interested in or eligible for voluntary adjudication or sale to a third party, would be placed on the tax adjudicated auction list.

SBPG has partnered with CivicSource to complete title work to prepare the properties for tax adjudicated auctions through their website.