Parish-Owned Property Division


The Parish-Owned Property Division is responsible for maintaining lots that previously were managed by the Department of LLT (Louisiana Land Trust). These properties were acquired through the Road Home Program and are now owned by the St. Bernard Parish Government. This division comes up with creative solutions to bring these lots back to the public.

Sold on St. Bernard

Sold on St. Bernard is a program meant to provide information to the public on parish-owned properties for sale. This programs offers bundled lots (Builder Bundles) to home builders to maximize area improvements by having a group of newly constructed homes in selected subdivisions. It also offers lots for residents to either build the home of their dreams (Buy & Build) or add to their already owned property (Lot Next Door). A map of available properties can be found here.


The Buy and Build Program is for anyone who wants to build now. If you are ready to build a home, find a property on this map and come to the office to get the process started. View the Buy and Build process (PDF).

Lot Next Door

The Lot Next Door Program provides an outlet for homeowners to purchase parish-owned properties adjacent to their home at a discount.

Adjudicated Properties

The Parish maintains tax-adjudicated properties by routinely cutting the grass on these lots. After a period of five years, adjudicated properties are eligible for purchase through Civic Source.