Community Development


The Department of Community Development assists residents in matters of permitting, building, and code enforcement. Within the community development department, there are specific divisions that assist residents.

Information related to planning and zoning meetings will be posted here, along with any relevant documents outlining changes within the Parish.


Planning & Zoning Division

The Division of Planning and Zoning processes applications for zoning changes, zoning compliance letters, conditional uses, zoning variances, and new subdivisions. The Office also enforces the 2015 St. Bernard Parish Comprehensive Plan.

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Safety & Permits Division

The Safety & Permits Division helps move construction projects along with the appropriate inspections and permitting. The Division handles and schedules all building code inspections and oversees code compliance for the Parish.

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Request a permit Residential & Commercial
Apply for a short-term rental File form

Parish-Owned Property Division

The Parish-Owned Property Division is responsible for maintaining lots that previously were managed by the Department of LLT (Louisiana Land Trust). These properties were acquired through the Road Home Program and are now owned by the St. Bernard Parish Government. This division comes up with creative solutions to bring these lots back to the public.

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Find an available property Check the LLT Available Properties map
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Code Enforcement

Code Enforcement is responsible for maintaining grass on both Parish-owned and non compliant lots, as well as managing BAA cases.

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