Drainage - Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4)


The Department of Drainage works alongside the Department of Road Yard to maintain and manage the Parish wide Drainage and Flood Control System. St. Bernard Parish has approximately:

  • 8860 drainage structures
  • 17500 drainage mains (culverts)
  • 18 local pump stations (SBPG)
  • 8 large pump stations (LBBLD)

The Department of Public Works must not only manage the amount of storm water runoff that goes into our drainage system but also ensure that it is clean when it reaches our waterways as per federal and state regulations. To learn more about our best management practices and storm water management requirements, please view our documents below.


  1. Hillary J. Nunez

    Director of Public Works

  2. Faith Ragas

    Permit Specialist

  3. Dennis Bradley

    MS4 Inspector