Bikeways & Trails

Bikeways and Trails

Parish Plan Documents

Adoption of Plan

St. Bernard Parish adopted its latest Bikeway and Pedestrian Plan on June 20, 2017.

Parish Plan Highlights

  • Identifies a 152-mile network of Regional Bikeways that link together communities  within St. Bernard and St. Bernard Parish to its neighboring parishes.
  • The Regional Network includes the 14-mile Mississippi River Trail, the 26-mile 40 Arpent Trail, and 15 miles of other regional bikeways that will link people to the major regional trails.
  • The Local Network includes 97 miles of on-street bikeways that will help bicyclists reach local destinations such as employment sites, shopping areas, schools, transit routes, and parks.
  •  Planned bikeways include signed bicycle routes, marked shared lanes, bicycle lanes, neighborhood greenways, shoulder routes, and multi-use trails. All are designed to make it safer for people to travel by bicycle.
  • The new plan incorporates the Parish’s 2016 Complete Streets Policy which identifies 47-miles of sidewalks to be installed or improved and 56 specific pedestrian crossing improvement projects.

PLAN IMPLEMENTATION - News and updates


August 2022 Plan Summary and Implementation Status Report (PDF)

As of July, 2022, the parish has completed approximately 61 miles of bikeways including trails, bicycle lanes (including St. Bernard Hwy by DOTD), marked shared lanes, bicycle routes and shoulder bikeways.


Image of what trail will look like

Parish President Guy McInnis announced the return of construction on the first phases of the St. Bernard Parish Mississippi River Trail.   Trail construction was halted in 2018 due to the high-water level in the Mississippi River and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ construction ban along the river corridor when water levels are high.   Constructed is by Barber Brothers Contracting.

The first phase of the trail will span three miles starting at the east side of Valero Refinery and proceeding east to the Violet Canal.  Additional phases will continue the trail downriver to the Plaquemines Parish line and upriver to Paris Road.

“With the long-awaited resumption of construction on Phase I&II of the Mississippi River Trail, recreational opportunities in St. Bernard Parish will soon take a great leap forward.  The completion of this project is a major component of the St. Bernard Parish Bikeway and Pedestrian Plan” said Susan Klees, representative of Bike St. Bernard advocacy group.  

Funding for this project is provided by a U.S. Department of Transportation Federal Highway Administration Grant and is administered by the Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development.   “We have been fortunate to receive funding and support from a number of local and regional partners on this project.  In addition to the grants, we received early funding and technical support from the Regional Planning Commission for the greater New Orleans area, and a substantial property donation from the Meraux Foundation to create a trailhead in Violet” said Howard Luna, Parish Councilman and member of the St. Bernard Parish Bicycle and Pedestrian Committee.

Trail Construction from Docville


The Parish is currently advertising for bids on a new project to construct a connector trail from the Mississippi River levee top trail to the entrance to St. Bernard State Park.  The new connector will allow trail users to easily and safely visit the State Park and its many amenities and allow park visitors a way to access the Parish’s regional trail.

Trail users can enjoy the natural beauty of St. Bernard Parish and take advantage of Park opportunities including picnic sites, BBQ grills, overnight campsites, a water playground, a covered pavilion for large groups, restrooms, and a nature trail.

Construction of the approximately $450,000 project is 80% funded by the Federal Highway Administration’s Recreational Trails Program administered by Michael Domingue, Program Director, Office of State Parks, in the Louisiana Department of Culture, Recreation and Tourism.  Additional funding is provided by the Murphy Oil CyPres Committee which includes Sidney Torres III, Chairman; Salvador Gutierrez; the Honorable Daniel Dysart; and Carl Zorner.   Lastly, funding is provided by St. Bernard Parish Government for engineering and related services.

Construction is expected to be completed by 2022-23.

St. Bernard State Park

St. Bernard State Park Entrance

Area View toward Levee

Area View toward Levee



The Parish is currently executing agreements to begin construction of the Forty Arpent Trail.  This trail will parallel the back levee adjacent to the Forty Arpent Canal and will feature several access bridges and trailhead points.  Beginning in Arabi near Alexander Avenue, the trail will proceed east to the Violet Canal for a total of approximately 10 miles.   

A future project will include a bridge over Paris Road to separate trail traffic from the roadway at this crossing.  

Construction is expected to begin in Fall, 2022.