Val Riess Recreational Building

Val Riess Park

Rendering of the new Val Riess Park, a 33-acre facility in the heart of Chalmette that promises to be a premier recreational complex when more than $20 million in construction is completed. The work at Val Riess at the northern end of Palmisano Boulevard in Chalmette - financed by a combination of FEMA and Community Development Block Grant funds - is being done in four phases that ultimately will include eight baseball fields, two large concession stands, a 47,000-square foot massive multi-purpose building and a mini-water park.


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  1. Yolanda Banks Thomas

    Director of Recreation

  2. Deanna Bienemy

    Office Manager

  3. Daniel O'Neil

    Programs Manager

  4. Barry Vincens

    Boys League Coordinator

  5. William Gonzales

    Girls League Coordinator

  6. Kentrell Peters

    Operations Coordinator