Housing & Redevelopment

Duties & Responsibilities

The Department of Housing and Redevelopment is an entity of St. Bernard Parish Government. We serve the St. Bernard Parish residents through the (HCV) Housing Choice Voucher Program, (LiHeap) Low Income Heating Energy Assistance Program and (CSBG) Community Service Block Grant. Qualified parish residents can also contact our office to sign up for Critical Needs Transportation Service.

Direct Deposit Authorization Form

  1. Brittany Bienemy

    HCV Housing Specialist

  1. Malaika Joseph-Hills

    HCV Portability Specialist

  1. Elainna Williams

    HCV Program Manager

  1. Pamela Williams

    Housing & Redevelopment Coordinator/Director

  1. Louis Young

    CSBG Bus Driver

  1. Nick Zeairs

    Grants Accountant II

  1. Ronda Perkins

    Assistant Housing Coordinator

  1. Paula Barth

    Housing Receptionist