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Marquee Rental Information Request Form

  1. The Frederick J. Sigur Civic Center Marquee is available for rental.

    You can either run one slide that will show for 10 seconds OR two slides for 5 seconds each consecutively.

    You can use a pre-made ad/image OR send in the verbiage or media that you’d like to use and we’ll put one together.

    If using a pre-made ad or making your own, the best fit for the marquee is an ad with the dimensions of 800 pixels by 320 pixels.


    SBPG shall lease the Marquee according to the below schedule (full payment is due at least five working days before the start date of the advertisement):

    $25 per day per advertisement (24 hours)
    $125 per week per advertisement (7 days)
    $450 per month per advertisement (30 days)
    $400 per month per advertisement (180 days to 6 months)
    $350 per month per advertisement (365 days to 1 year)

    If you would like to rent the Marquee or would like more information, please fill out the form below and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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