A Culex Quinquefasciatus Mosquito sample collected on Riverbend Drive in the Violet area tested positive for the West Nile Virus. The common name for the mosquito is “Southern House Mosquito”. The Mosquito pools were collected by the St. Bernard Parish Mosquito Control Department and tested by the LSU Arbrovirus Lab. Results were received this morning. There have been no human cases of West Nile confirmed.

Mosquito Control has sprayed 191 areas totaling 101,117.56 acres so far this year and it is through their vigilant steps that this Mosquito sample was detected, stated President McInnis. The St. Bernard Parish Mosquito Control Department is taking extra steps to limit the public’s exposure by monitoring mosquito traps daily, increasing aerial and ground spraying, and conducting additional Larviciding of all accessible drains and ditches throughout the Parish.

Most people infected with West Nile do not develop any symptoms. The CDC recommends the following steps should be taken to prevent the mosquito population from growing:

· Dispose of tin cans, plastic containers, ceramic pots, or similar water-holding containers that have collected on your property.

· Pay special attention to discarded tires. Stagnant water in tires is where many mosquitos breed.

· Have clogged roof gutters cleaned every year, particularly if the leaves from surrounding trees have a tendency to plug up the drains. Roof gutters can produce millions of mosquitoes each season.

· Turn over plastic wading pools when not in use. Stagnant water in a wading pool becomes a place for mosquitos to breed.

· Turn over wheelbarrows and don't let water stagnate in birdbaths. Both provide breeding habitats for domestic mosquitos.

· Aerate ornamental pools or stock them with fish. Water gardens can become major mosquito producers if they are allowed to stagnate. Clean and chlorinate swimming pools not in use. Smaller containers will produce many more mosquitos than a pool will; therefore being diligent about the small breeding sites around your house will be more effective. Mosquitos may even breed in the water that collects on pool covers.

· Use landscaping to eliminate standing water that collects on your property. Mosquitos may breed in any puddle that lasts for more than four days.

· Please wear protective clothing and apply proper mosquito repellent when going outdoors.

The St. Bernard Parish Mosquito Control Department is working to keep our citizens safe against mosquito borne viruses; we must all do our part to compact mosquito borne illness. St. Bernard Parish Government will continue to keep the residents of the Parish informed of future test results.
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Blues, Brews and BBQ Festival from 11am to 6pm today at Docville Farm. Proceeds to benefit the Community Center of St. Bernard. Photos by Lenor Duplessis. #enjoystbernard. ... See MoreSee Less

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The Home Depot in Chalmette is holding their annual Safety Awareness Day. Kids learned about fire and gun safety. The kids also made their own fire trucks. Photos by Lenor Duplessis. #enjoystbernard ... See MoreSee Less

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“LOVE the Boot and Don’t Pollute”

Tourist Commissioner Katie Tommaseo and Council Member Wanda Alcon recently attended the “Keep Louisiana Beautiful” State Conference in Baton Rouge. The conference marks the yearly culmination of the most up-to-date information and expert resources on litter, recycling and state beautification.

Industry experts, affiliate leaders, civic officials, local partners and environmental enthusiasts from across the Gulf Coast gathered to learn the best practices and to share resources. Invited guest included Governor John Bel Edwards, First Lady Donna Edwards, Lt. Governor Billy Nungesser, DEQ Deputy Secretary Denise Bennett, and Baton Rouge Mayor Kip Holden. Topics included: reducing plastic bag usage, Eco green events, festivals and parades, reduce, reuse and recycling, blight planning for your community, calculating the cost of blight, how to raise money to fund your programs, targeting roadside litter, Green schools, environmental education K-5th grades, and environmental enforcement.

St. Bernard Parish Government is moving forward to “Keep St. Bernard Beautiful. Future clean sweeps are currently being organized by parish officials, the local Sherriff Department, civic and community organizations, businesses and all schools to be leaders against litter. Together, we can make St. Bernard a better place for the people who live here and who come to visit! For more information visit St. Bernard Tourism.
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Blues, Brews & BBQ - Saturday, October 1st from 11 a.m. - 6 p.m.
Docville Farm, 5124 E. St. Bernard Hwy. in Violet,
Benefitting the St. Bernard Community Center


Chalmette High School Jazz Band
Da’ By-u Blues Band
Major Bacon
30x90 Blues Women
Keith Stone Blues Band
Andy J. Forest
Mason Ruffner


Tin Roof
Parish Brewing
Bayou Teche
NOLA Brewing
40 Arpent Brewing Company


Natural Born Grillers
Silent Fluidity
Slow and Leaux
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