Pro Wrestling Ego to be held on
Saturday, October 1, 2016 at
Cypress (Joe Davis Gym), 4101 Mistrot Dr. in Meraux
Door Open for 6:15P.M. - Match Begins @ 7:00P.M.
General Admission $10.00
For Ticket Information call 504-259-0937
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The Alliance for Good Government Forum District 11
will be held on Monday, September 26, 2016
in the Historic St. Bernard Courthouse
1201 Bayou Road, St. Bernard
from 7:00 to 9:00 p.m.

For more information contact Cathy Williams at
504- 613-8235 or 504 - 682-2755
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Saint Bernard Parish Public Library to host a FREE Adult Program on Saturday, October 8th at 10:30 a.m. - Protect Yourself from Identity Theft

In the good old days, life was much simpler. Back then, identity theft meant you had lost your wallet with your driver’s license, checkbook and credit card in it. All you needed to worry about was someone using them before you could close the accounts. You could just call your bank and cancel the accounts and usually just start over with new numbers. That is definitely not the case in this day and age. Now you can have your wallet in your purse or pocket. Your ID and credit cards are safely tucked inside and a thousand miles away someone could be establishing a high limit line in your name, buying a really nice car and you know nothing about it until you try to go the grocery to buy a gallon of milk and your card is declined. This is scenario is something we all fear.

The St. Bernard Parish Library’s October installment of Calling All Adults will address the issue of identity theft with a program being presented by Gulf Coast Bank. Identity Theft occurs when an imposter obtains personal information such as a social security number or driver’s license number, in order to impersonate someone else for their personal gain. Most financial institutions take many precautions to safe guard your personal information, but there are steps you can take to help to minimize the risk of becoming a victim.

Adults are invited to attend this free program to learn how they can better protect themselves from this kind of traumatizing event on Saturday, October 8th at 10:30 a.m. at the library’s main branch located at 2600 Palmisano Blvd. in Chalmette.

For more info, please visit the library’s main branch, check out our website and Facebook page or call us at 504-279-0448.
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September is National Preparedness Month
September 30th is National PrepareAthon Day

September is often a very active time for hurricanes or smaller tropical systems that threaten the state. September has been declared as National Preparedness month in an effort to stress the importance of being ready in the event of a natural disaster.

September 25th – 24th Leading up to National Day of Action
During this week you will learn how to:
• Participate in National PrepareAthon! Day on September 30.
• Add your preparedness activity to www.ready.gov/prepare.
• Encourage others to do a preparedness activity and register it on www.ready.gov/prepare.
• Share images of you and your community doing a preparedness activity.
• Share stories of how being prepared made a difference using #PrepareAthon.
Be Counted: Add Your Preparedness Activity
• Be Counted: Add your emergency preparedness activities to the America’s PrepareAthon! website: www.ready.gov/prepare #PrepareAthon
• Join millions of Americans taking action for #PrepareAthon by adding your preparedness activities today: www.ready.gov/prepare
• How many of the 10 #PrepareAthon activities have you completed? Be sure to register your actions: www.ready.gov/prepare
• Ready, Set, Go! Register your preparedness activities now: www.ready.gov/prepare
• There’s no time like the present to register your preparedness activities: www.ready.gov/prepare #PrepareAthon
Take Action: Join Others to do a Preparedness Activity
• America’s #PrepareAthon has 10 ways to participate. Choose your activity: www.ready.gov/prepare #PrepareAthon
• Get the scoop on 10 things you can do to get prepared for an emergency here: bit.ly/29Kjc0Q #PrepareAthon
• Be a part of the millions taking action and getting prepared for emergencies. Join us: www.ready.gov/prepare #PrepareAthon
• Join a nationwide emergency preparedness movement and prepare for disasters in your area: www.ready.gov/prepare #PrepareAthon
• As part of America’s #PrepareAthon, we are committed to getting prepared for emergencies. Are you? www.ready.gov/prepare #PrepareAthon
• Help spread the word about #PrepareAthon w/ these promotional materials and toolkits: bit.ly/1ROi609
• National #PrepareAthon Day is Sept. 30. What are you doing to prepare?
• Assembling emergency supplies is one way to participate in America’s #PrepareAthon! Here are 9 more: 1.usa.gov/1WgMKnH #PrepareAthon
• Do you have the FEMA app? It’s preparedness at your fingertips. Download it today! 1.usa.gov/1CRVzMB #PrepareAthon
Share It: Your Preparedness Story May Inspire Others
• See how communities across the nation are preparing for #disasters! Visit the #PrepareAthon “stories” page: 1.usa.gov/1Yb7xsk
• Extra, extra read all about it! Communities everywhere are getting prepared for emergencies: 1.usa.gov/1Yb7xsk #PrepareAthon
• Use #PrepareAthon to share how you’re getting your community involved in preparedness.
• How has preparing made a difference in your life and/or community? Tell us your #PrepareAthon story!
• A community in action tends to stay in action. Share your story about taking action for emergencies using #PrepareAthon.
• Did preparing in advance help you during a disaster? Share your experience with #PrepareAthon
• Built an emergency kit? Created a family communications plan? Tell others what you did using #PrepareAthon.
• I participated in America’s #PrepareAthon so my community can be prepared for emergencies.
• Have you taken action? Tell others what you did to prepare for emergencies and how it made a difference using #PrepareAthon.
• I participated in America’s #PrepareAthon so my community can be prepared for emergencies.
• “It Started Like Any Other Day” Hear how a disaster changed the lives of these survivors: bit.ly/1nwuDXu #PrepareAthon
Take Part: It’s National PrepareAthon! Day
• Take a picture doing 1 of the 10 actions to get prepared for emergencies. Find all 10 here: 1.usa.gov/1WgMKnH #PrepareAthon
• Get excited for National PrepareAthon! Day! on 9/30. Turn to #PrepareAthon! for info on how to get involved: 1.usa.gov/1tyyBE8
• Check to see what preparedness events are taking place near you for Sept 30 Nat’l #PrepareAthon! Day on www.ready.gov/prepare
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